King Randall's Party was kickstarted. Oh yeah. Boom. Seal of approval. You can still check out the Kickstarter page and the cool video. This campaign was a while ago, but I'm still trucking!

Good day fellow citizens of The Kingdom!

King Randall MCXXXVIII has just been crowned and wants to throw a massive coronation party. You, playing as the Royal Treasurer, cannot allow the Kingdom’s precious funds from being spent in such a frivolous manner during these hard economic times; the King must be stopped!

King Randall's Party is a side scrolling tower defense game for PC with the freeform building of sandbox games like Terarria heaped on top. It is also a satire of the current gridlocked chaos in the U.S. Government that has left its citizens out in the cold while their leaders squabble over party politics.

It's a game about building castles and keeping the enemy out at any cost.

Using the Royal Treasurer's MacGyver like skills you will create different traps and obstacles, deforming the terrain to impede your enemies progress. Meanwhile, the enemy will build bridges, dig tunnels, and construct ladders in order to circumnavigate your defenses and get to the Treasury. Can you stop them? Probably not, but with your automatic quill throwers and pillow-stuffed spring traps you certainly will try!

Coming to PC in the Fall of 2015