King Randall’s Party is a game about building castles and, because that wouldn’t be fun in a vacuum, preventing other people from coming and knocking them down. Add in a splash of political satire and a ton of MacGuyver-esque traps.

Build creative, crazy stuff!

Defend the treasury at all costs!

Stop the King’s… minions? Emo high schoolers? I’m not sure what this guy is.

(He is a pretty sweet moondancer though)

King Randall’s Party is being developed by a team of… one. One man. Me. I’m developing it. I hire some folks to do the artwork, animation, music, and additional coding. Without them the game wouldn’t exist either. So I guess its actually a team of 1 + Some people which varies at any given point in time.

I digress. I started King Randall’s Party back in 2013 when I struck out on my own to start a business! I ran a Kickstarter (it succeed) and I’ve been working on it ever since. It should be done sometime… soon. Don’t ask me; I’ll drop a smoke bomb and disappear.